Top Five Blind Girl Perks

Oh yes, there are major drawbacks, but there are also major perks! Enter yours truly to tell you about them. 😉

Douche guys can’t be bothered. There are exceptions to this of course, some guys think blind girls are easy, as discussed further in my post on Blind Girl Myths, but most douche guys think we’re too much trouble. I am super okay with this. It limits my dating pool a bit but weeds out people I wouldn’t be interested in anyway. In my opinion, it speaks to someone’s character if they are willing to date someone different from them. Whether the differences arise from race, religion, culture, or disability, being open-minded and accepting are qualities I value. If you’re interested in reading more about this, check out my post on dating a blind person.

People open doors for me…a lot! Like almost every door. I have a couple classes every day, and almost every building and every lecture hall at UBC has two sets of doors. That’s about four doors to get into every class and four doors out again. If I average about two classes a day, that’s sixteen doors I’m going through. On any given day, I maybe open one of them. Makes me feel like a queen. Seriously, I find it super sweet because I’m usually carrying stuff and also working my guide dog. Props to ultra polite Canadians.

A big furry bundle of joy comes with me everywhere I go. She’s more than just my guide dog. She’s a magnet for conversation, instant emotional support, and my baby. I love her from her soft floppy ears to the tip of her constantly wagging tale. And that great big yellow ray of sunshine is with me all the time. You can’t tell me you’re not jealous. 😉

If a blind girl doesn’t have a guide dog, odds are she carries a white cane. These are not nearly as cute, but they make damn good weapons. Not that I would know or anything, but a nice swipe to the shins will shut most annoying people up. (Shh, okay, I have done this before, but not since I was a child). No one ever suspected the sweet, little, blind girl would do such a thing on purpose. (Okay I was kind of horrible, but this really annoying boy deserved it! He took my friend’s stuffy).

We navigate airports like bosses. Seriously, travel with us, you won’t regret it. Ground assistance picks the most direct route to the gate and fast-tracks us through all the lines. Then we get priority-boarding, and if we have a guide dog, we usually receive a bulkhead or window seat. #LivingTheLife Also, my traveler blind brother, mentioned in Blind Cans and Can’ts, routinely gets bumped to first class. He has either perfected the woe-be-gone weary traveler look, or he sweet-talks all the flight attendants. (My bets on the sweet-talking).

Thanks for reading this happy little interlude.

Be kind, and be aware.

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