What Blind People Dream About

What do blind people dream about? Do they dream at all? Do their dreams have color? Is their vision the same as when they’re awake?

I’m so excited to be doing a post on a direct question from a follower. Emma contacted me a few days ago and asked to know more about what it’s like for blind people when they dream. And so, let’s explore.

Do blind people dream?

Yes, friends, we do. You do not need sight to dream. I won’t get into scientific explanations of REM sleep, but let me assure you, blind people dream just as much as you sighted folks.

Does a blind person dream in color?

This depends on when a person went blind and how much vision they had or still have. Blindness is a spectrum, and being legally blind hardly ever means the world is totally dark.

When I was little, I could see a lot of color. Now my world exists in black, white, and a few shades of gray. Sometimes I’ll have good days and be able to see the rich cinnamon of my guide dog’s fur, or the bright orange glow of a blazing campfire. Mostly, though, I just remember what colors look like and sometimes I dream about them. Sometimes, I’ll even dream about things I have never seen in my life before. Like rolling hills of lush green grass dotted with bright yellow flowers. I have never been able to see that much detail. I have only had this richness described to me. And yet, it came to life in my dreams.

One colorful dream that stands out was incredibly detailed because in true Jenna brain fashion, it was highly organized. I dreamt my brother and I were hanging out in our yard. Only instead of grass, the yard was filled with differently-colored pebbles. I began picking each one up and showing it to my brother, going this one’s yellow, this one’s red. He got all excited and began scouting out more and more shades of color. The sea of pebbles looked bright to me, but I couldn’t distinguish separate colors until I held each individual pebble close to my face. I have no idea if the colors I saw and named actually matched in reality, but it was a pretty wild dream.

Is a blind person’s dream vision the same as when they’re awake?

In most of my dreams, I see at the level I saw at when I was awake. In other words, my dream vision usually reflects my awake vision at that point in time. As I have gradually lost more sight as I have grown older, see my VIP Tag post for more info, my dreams have gradually lost vision as well. That being said, sometimes I’ll have a dream with the vision I had when I was five.

A few nights ago, for instance, I dreamt I was riding a horse bareback along a rocky beach. The morning sun was bright, the ocean a light blue. Everything was crystal clear and vivid. I was still blind, but the blind I was before I started losing my birth vision. And riding a horse bareback was a lot of fun. I highly recommend dreaming it if you can!

I’ll close with a couple random Jenna dream facts that may or may not be related to blind dreaming.

I remember more of my dreams than the average person. They fade after I have been awake for a while, but I can almost always recall them when I first wake up.

I also frequently have lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are when you realize you’re dreaming and understand you have the power to make whatever you want to happen just happen. Accept when I lucid dream, I always, always fly. You’d think my subconscious would let me enjoy a bit of variety, but no. I recognize I have the power and fly away. I don’t know what that says about dream symbolism, or my mental health. shrugs

One last funny! When I fly away, I always fly straight up. I’m too freaked out to try flying horizontally because ya know, I’m a blind girl just flying along at lightning fast speeds. If I crash into something, that’s gonna hurt like nothing else. I’ll be concussed, and I’ll fall out of the sky. Dead dream Jenna.

Hope this post made you giggle. Comment below with some of your crazier dreams! <3

Be kind, and be aware.

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